Start Where You are…

Start Where You are...

Read: Colossians 1:24-29

Colossians 1:29 “Whereunto I also labour, striving according to his working, which worketh in me mightily.”

I love going to Chicago’s Wrigley Field for baseball game, siting in the stands, downing a great hot dog, and cheering the Cubs on victory!

Unfortunately, Christianity has become a lot like professional sports. As a friend of mine has observed, there are nine guys on the baseball field doing all the work and thousands in the stands just watching. And as you probably know, that’s not God’s game plan for His people. He wants us to climb out of the stands, get out on the field, and join the team.

If you are wondering what good you can do on the field, wonder no more. What about your financial resources? Jesus can take your “silver and gold” and use it to accomplish great things for His glory.

But more than just getting out your checkbook, you have gifts you can contribute. God has given each of us spiritual gifts that can help advance His kingdom. Whether it’s teaching, encouraging, serving, showing hospitality, or extending mercy, each ability can yield great dividends. Let’s follow the example of Paul, who tirelessly served on God’s field for the joy of being used by Him. { Col. 1:28-29}

Believe me it’s far more rewarding to be on the field that to sit in the stands. — Joe Stowell

Start where you are in serving the Lord,
Claim His sure promise and trust in His Word;
God simply asks you to do what you can,
He’ll use your efforts to further His plan. —Anon

Don’t make a cemetery of your life by burying your talents.


2 thoughts on “Start Where You are…

  1. I agree, too many spectators in the pews for the hour refill. Hope they don’t leak too much! If we want to be part of the community we have to participate. This is something we are working on at our family of believers. Participate and you won’t need the gold engraved invite to feel welcome. Thank you sharing Paul’s joy.

    • Yeah that’s so true. Very much welcome. Let’s pray for more hearts that will be stirred by God for the Ministry..
      The harvest is really plenteous but the laborers are so few

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