Forgive and Forget

Forgive and Forget

Say not thou, I will recompense evil; but wait on the Lord, and he shall save thee. (Proverbs 20:22)

Be not in haste. Let anger cool down. Say nothing and do nothing to avenge yourself. You will be sure to act unwisely if you take up the cudgels and fight your own battles; and, certainly, you will not show the spirit of the Lord Jesus, It is nobler to forgive and let the offense pass. To let an injury rankle in your bosom and to meditate revenge is to keep old wounds open and to make new ones. Better forget and forgive.

Peradventure, you say that you must do something or be a great loser; then do what this morning’s promise advises: “Wait on the Lord, and he shall save thee.” This advice will not cost you money but is worth far more, Be calm and quiet. Wait upon the Lord; tell Him your grievance; spread Rabshakeh’s letter before the Lord, and this of itself will be an ease to your burdened mind. Besides, there is the promise “He shall save thee.” God will find a way of deliverance for you. How He will do it neither you nor I can guess, but do it He will, If the Lord saves you, this will be a deal better than getting into petty quarrels and covering yourself with filth by wrestling with the unclean, Be no more angry. Leave your suit with the Judge of all.

Faith’s Checkbook
by: C.H. Spurgeon


2 thoughts on “Forgive and Forget

  1. Days Of Grace
    Dedicated to Joseph Prince
    For years mankind tried to prove it away
    But research has revealed what happened that day
    Sceptics want scientific proof, and that has been done
    I speak of the day that the soldiers killed God’s Son
    A story some say that is hard to believe
    The truth lies in the feeling of the Spirit received
    To deny that he lives or accept and rejoice
    We all have the freedom of what is our choice
    Believing, and in the end find out that it is not true
    Or not believing and be wrong then what will you do?
    There are only two choices which way will you choose?
    Believing in Jesus is free you’ll have nothing to lose
    Jesus came to earth to save his Father’s creation
    He is the scientific and the spiritual explanation
    The predictions of signs are coming forth every day
    Take heed the last warnings God is sending our way
    Were living in the times of his Wonderful Grace
    Prepare now for eternity or death you will face
    Heaven is real not something from a dream
    Blessed is he who believes and has not seen
    Tetti 2/18/14

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