Why Worry When God Already Promised

Why Worry When God Already Promised

Just yesterday afternoon during our afternoon service in the church the rain falls so hard and the baptistry in the back of the church overflowed, the result flood on the auditorium. The drainage just outside the church overflowed too. The young people got busy taking care of the things specially on the music instruments that just bein’ put on the floor so that it won’t get wet. I’m gals to see some face as I checked on my church mates. Some of them are just making fun out of the flood, some are just still busy talking like there no water at all. Yeah! I realized why worry? It’s a little flood? Our Faith can move mountains as the scripture said. It’s just so little it haven’t even reach the seam of my long skirt that day. ๐Ÿ™‚ God hath already promised He won’t ever destroy the earth with water. Remember? His promise to Noah after the great flood in the Book of Genesis? Yeah! who will not remember that even the little children in the extension classes knew that.

The church still have blessed afternoon service. The preaching was so great and revive us. The preacher preach with the subject of “Why Jesus Calls Ordinary People?” on the text Matthew 4:18-22 It’s because Jesus knew that this ordinary people have extraordinary strengths when in comes with experiencing hardships and trials in life. Christianity and following Jesus steps isn’t easy at all it is full of hardships and trials and if Jesus calls those people who are used to easy smooth life out there, they will easy be rooted up and give up. I think point number two is about the ultimate purpose of this call which is to do soul winning. No matter what your profession is, we must win souls to Christ. It’s the best thing we could do in this world we are in. I pray I could fulfill this commandment of the Lord before my time here on earth will end or before He will come back. All in All it’s a great Day for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

I even spotted “cherry” retouching her lipstick. haha.

Who says we have a problem with the flood? lol! Ate Ruchy one of the FBC faithful members even pose with a peace sign.

Gege still practicing for their music ensemble special number for that afternoon which is “The Solid Rock”. Why worry of the flood when we were standing on the Solid Rock(Jesus Christ).

Ends with Music. ๐Ÿ™‚ have a nice day everyone.


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