Happiness and Joy

Happiness and Joy

Happiness comes form the things that happened outside or from the things we can see or from the result of something that is good while joy is from the inside from the things cannot be seen that felt good and right. You can be happy without joy but you cannot have a joy in your heart without happiness outside. Happiness without joy is temporal but happiness from joy is everlasting.

Why Am I talking about this these things. It seems the latter is what I felt today I have joy here in my heart and it comes out as happiness.

I have a very long day today. Joining extension classes for the children make me happy inside out. Seeing these children having fun listening to bible stories and answering the follow-up questions, singing actions songs makes my heart explode with unexplainable joy. I hope I can do so much more for these Children (that’s my prayer to God). As I look at them some don’t have proper clothing and slippers just on their feet on the ground, small frail bodies with sores, bulging stomach because of the dirty surroundings no proper food to aid their growth and health, looking at those innocent eyes with a bit of pain and misery makes my heartaches and thinks what will happen to these children if nobody will take care of them. What will happen to their future will they have a better tomorrow while living in a place where every sin lies and openly done? Oh! God I pray thee, have mercy on these children and guide them to grow in thy will, give them wisdom and open their eyes to your Truth Lord.

We ought to pray for the next generation that will take over us. We should pass on what we have learned from the Lord. Life is worth spending if it is spend for someone. May the Lord bless us with a heart full of compassion and love towards the unbelieving world where the children is the next target of the prince of these world (devil). Let us not allow him to ruin the future of these children.

Galatians 6:9 gives me more courage to continue what has been started. And I am glad the Lord stirred up my heart for this ministry. I love the children and I hate it when the world take advantage of their innocent minds. I have been a child once and without those people who surrendered their live on ministering and teaching the Word of God, I don’t know what happen to me now. Thanks for God’s Mercies and Grace. To God be the Glory for ever and ever Amen!.


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