Gospel: Authentic or Synthetic?

Resting in His Grace

As I rummage through archives of Church History, I’m awed often by the resolved effort of past leaders to preserve the truth. Take for example the Filioque from the revised Nicene Creed. This minor insertion caused no small disturbance and would play a major role in the rift between the Church of Rome and of the East. What is this divisive insertion? It is the Catholic confirmation that the Holy Spirit is sent not only from the Father, but from the Son also.

plane crashI wonder how concerned are we that every “t” is crossed and every “i” dotted in our theology today. Picking something from the air (as Ben has this on my mind through an excellent series over his way), “how now shall we share the gospel?”

I was reminded of the warning presented in the Way of the Master evangelization series. An illustration is used that is very…

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