Risky Bussiness

Risky Bussiness

2 Timothy 2:22-26 “Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.

But foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing that they do gender strifes.

And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient,

In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth;

And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.”

Pachyderm pedicures are not a luxury, they’re a necessity. According to an article in The Kansas City Star, if elephants in captivity don’t get regular foot care, they are prone to infections that can be fatal. But clipping the toenails of an animal that can weigh as much as 6 tons can be risky business. So one man had an idea. He developed an “elephant Flipper” that allows keepers to restrain an elephant and safely turn it on its side. The device stands 12 feet high, weighs more than 15 tons, and cost $100,000. Several Zoo’s have purchased this helpful contraption.

Caring for people can also be risky. Paul described what it takes to help those who, in perilous times, have wandered from the path of truth. He offers no ingenious device for helping those who are in danger to themselves and others (2 Tim. 2:23-25). Instead, he reminds us that when it comes to caring for the minds and hearts of others, we can’t rely on human ingenuity and muscle. What we really need is the Wisdom of God. Without being quarrelsome or arrogant. The Lord’s servant must use gentleness and patience (v.24).

A blend of truth and grace in the presence of danger is more than self-protection. It illustrates for others the heart of the One we are urging them to embrace. — Mart De Haan

Speak truly and each word of thine
Shall be a fruitful seed;
Live truly, and thy life shall be
A great and noble creed. –Bonar

Use caution and grace when straightening out someone who has strayed.


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